Tableau Filter to latest date value when workbook is opened

0. 目的

使用 Tableau Date Filter 时,当有新日期数据进入时,普通Filter不会自动勾选最新日期,导致展示的数据与实际结果存在差异,而这个小问题又不容易察觉,核对完原始数据后,发现是Filter的问题,让人头疼。

1. 解决方法

If you want to ensure that only the most recent date in a data source is selected in the filter when the workbook is shared or opened, select a discrete date such as Month/Day/Year or Individual Dates and then, on the General tab, select Filter to latest date value when workbook is opened.

Notes: When you filter to the latest date value, this setting applies only to data source filters in a workbook.

In the order of operations, the latest date filter is global to the workbook, while context filters apply per worksheet. The latest date is determined just after the workbook opens for first use, after data source filters, but before context filters. At that point the date is set, and the latest date preset is used as a dimension filter.

If you are using additional filters in views (including relative date filters and context filters), the latest date value setting may result in an empty view with no data when those additional filters do not select data from the latest date in the database.

On Tableau Server and Tableau Online, presets are applied when the view first loads in the browser, but not when the browser or data is refreshed.





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